CCTV CAMERAS provide complete recordings for criminal evidence

Whether you are a business or a private home, you stand to benefit from installing CCTV cameras, especially because you can’t be everywhere at once, and you can’t afford security guards, so you will certainly feel more secure knowing that if any criminal activities were to occur in your office or home, you could rely on your CCTV cameras to reveal the truth.

The demand for digital closed circuit television equipment is growing as people realise the many advantages that digital CCTV has to offer, like high image quality, networking opportunities, continuous recording, plus heaps of other benefits, not to mention that you can view your business or home from your cell phone!

Studies have shown time and time again that these CCTV cameras, installed in areas susceptible to crime always lead to a reduction in crime rates; and not only do they reduce crime, but people feel safer. CCTV systems monitor perimeter fencing, points of entry and high risk work environments.

Fitted internally or externally, the cameras benefits are numerous, and play a crucial role in crime prevention and detection round the clock:

  • Increases staff productivity; people feel inclined to work in a safe environment;
  • monitors areas you can’t;
  • constant surveillance 24/7;
  • discourages theft and vandalism because it is an all-seeing eye.

Black and white CCTV cameras are more common, but new technologies ensure colour cameras are more light sensitive, and are more true to life. Closed circuit television security camera products can be used alone or as part of a full video network to offer constant surveillance of doors, entrances, stairways, escalators,workshops, hospitals and any work place.

Whether you’re looking to install a security system or upgrade your current surveillance cameras, we have a highly professional installation team who have all the important know-how in installing a wide range of CCTV cameras as well as other security products.