Security solutions for a complete establishment do not restrict themselves solely to the building itself. Careful consideration should be given to the complete area, commencing from the most remote perimeter. This can be covered by a number of methods:

 GPS ground detection

The Ground Perimeter System is based on a pressure detection operation. Pressure sensors are installed sub surface which detect ground vibrations and these are then transformed in to an alert report. These systems are extremely reliable and discreet with a high level of intruder detection.


A radar system operates by means of an antenna which sends out and receives electromagnetic radio waves, the returning wave is known as an echo. The nature of the echo will dictate certain characteristic data of the object which the transmitted wave strikes, such as direction, distance, altitude and speed. When the nature of the returned echo changes, an object must be present in the detection field, this change will generate an alert.. The advantages of radar detection are numerous but not least of which large distances can be covered and atmospheric disturbances do not affect the efficincy of the operating system.

10.000Volt Power Fence

 A web of electrical wires can be installed to most fences and access gates. These types of system normally consist of one zone. However they can be adapted to multiple zones for larger areas. Electrically charged wires are installed from the surface to a height normally approximately 50cm above the height of the fence. Silent alert options can be installed to detect sabotage and or prolonged power failure. The power detection system is not adversely affected by bird strike or weather conditions. False alarms are thereby kept to a minimum. Battery pack back up options are available in case of power failure.