Van Droffelaar techniek is recognised by The European Association of Guard Companies (VEB). This official recognition allows us to provide comprehensive security plans. The installation of alarm equipment, The maintenance of security hardware and the provision of certification for our systems.

RECOMMENDATION Because every situation and requirement may differ, a good security system starts with good advice. This consists of a risk analysis utilising the improved risk class classification. A list of security requirements is compiled together with a comprehensive plan to cover those risks. This programme is then presented to our customers providing a “turn – key” solution to all our clients security issues.

 Those areas covered will include

  • – Organisational issues
  • – Architectural requirements and change details (if required)
  • – Electronic hard and software
  • – Electric modifications and upgrades
  • – Compartmentalisation.
  • – Alarm succession
  • – Resonse alarm succession and details

:CHECK Van Droffelaar techniek  Installations are randomly checked annually by an inspection carried out by a competent and qualified inspector. Each installation inspected will be awarded a VEB installation certificate.

GUARANTEE, SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Our maintenance contracts ensure a comprehensive and professional service (regardless of geographical position) allowing “peace of mind” for all our customer base. Each VEB installer offers a 24 hour per day service, 365 days a year .A clear and concise quotation will detail exactly what our customer’s investment will secure. This means additional comfort for our customers. Every VEB installation is covered by a 5 year warranty subject to the provision of our maintenance contract and the conditions detailed therein.

QUALITY Product quality is paramount to all at Van Droffelaar Techniek. For this reason we only use approved materials installed with VEB recognised methods. Moreover all VEB engineers are obliged to adhere to VRKI standards.

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